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Rebound Hawaii is an out-patient physical therapy clinic focused on individualized physical therapy services and licensed massage therapy services to regain functional ability and expedite each patient's return to his or her previous lifestyle.

The philosophy of Rebound Hawaii is that successful rehabilitation is achieved through personalized care specific to each patient and their situation. Every patient will have one-on-one services provided by our clinicians throughout the entire treatment session, from initial evaluation to discharge.

Through this approach, our physical therapists and licensed massage therapists are able to re-assess a person's functional status on a continual basis effecting optimal progression of rehabilitation.

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Read Testimonials from Our Clients

"I was referred to Rebound Hawaii for physical and massage therapy after a work related injury. Beata educated me on my injury and taught me exercises that helped me get stronger. As a construction worker, it was important that I fully recover before going back to work because my job consists of heavy lifting and constant use of my arms. My massage therapist was very helpful in easing my pain. She knew exactly which muscles to address and loosen up. I recently returned to work and have no limitations. Thank you, Rebound Hawaii, for being an integral part of my recovery. "

-- Jay, Waipahu

"Thank you!! I was suffering from a sharp, stabbing pain in my right hip for over 10 years which caused me to limit my daily activities. I have been to numerous doctors and therapists, but still no results. Then, I went to Rebound Hawaii and on my third visit they were able to address my pain. After a manual technique that Jenelyn did, I was able to walk out from that treatment session with no pain in my hip. I felt normal again! I thank God for leading me to Rebound Hawaii. So awesome!!"

--Joyce, Ewa Beach

"I was vacationing on Oahu when someone recommended I go to Rebound Hawaii for a massage. Tammy was my massage therapist and she was great! She was able to determine that I dislocated my shoulder years ago through her massage even when I didn't disclose this information to her beforehand. I would definitely recommend getting a massage from any of their therapists."

--David, New Mexico

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